Welcome to cherware.de, my private place on the Internet.

First and foremost I use these pages as a collection and reference work for various topics I have dealt with in the past or which I am currently working on. These are mainly topics from the field of information technology with industry-specific focus. For my database tool ODBC Management Studio I have created some separate webpages.

After studying computer science at RWTH Aachen University, I first worked in the field of transportation and logistics, gained experience as a software developer and project manager in national and international projects and developed methods and models for planning and optimization of location issues as part of a PhD thesis. Later I changed the industry and started at FACTUR as a consultant for IT solutions in the energy sector. Since 2020, I have been responsible for IT Management, Quality Management and Information Security.

However, the motivation to maintain these pages is somewhat moody and often strongly dependent on temporal impacts. Nevertheless I will try to cover important topics at least with short contributions.

German or English? I’m a little undecided about that. In the past I have written most of my posts in German. I will probably tend to write more English in the future.